Kids Comments

I visited a second grade classroom to share raven stories and my books. Here are some comments from these great kids:

  • “I liked your book. When Shade was looking for water in the desert and to get Emily to help Shade was happy to save the man. It was a good book to read. It was a fun book to read.”
  • “I liked your book Shade because I learned a lot about ravens. I learned they fly fast and travel far. Thank you for reading us your book! I also enjoyed your book now I feel very happy.”
  • “I like Shade because she saved the man from the Sedona desert. I didn’t like that people get lost in the desert. I feel ravens are cool because they can fly to Walmart and find food. I like your book about ravens.”
  • “It was a great book. Emily and Shade were rescuing the man. I think the book was beautiful. I love the book because I learned about ravens and it is a beautiful book!”
  • “Shade was a good book because Shade helped that person who (was) lost in the desert. I really liked the book! It is that Emily put the GPS
    tracker on Shade. Now Shade is part of the rescue team! I learned a lot about ravens and I learned that ravens love Cheetos.”
  • Shade the Raven and Emily.

    Shade and Emily




Shade - A Story About A Very Smart Raven book cover

Shade – A Story About A Very Smart Raven


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Raven eating ice cream on the South Rim

Raven eating ice cream on the South Rim


This raven lives at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. During tourist season he hangs out around the rim by Bright Angel Lodge to beg for food. In the first photo, a tourist gave him a cup of ice cream that he dipped
his beak into until it was gone.





Raven Munching Walnuts

Raven Munching Walnuts


The next day, his plaintive cry convinced me to share my walnuts with him!  He ate a few and then carried the rest off to share with a mate or cache for a snack at a later time.






Do Not Feed The Wildlife sign

Do Not Feed The Wildlife


Nearby is a sign that clearly states ” DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.”