Shade the Raven Visits Bird Store for Celebration of All Things Raven


A recent event at the local wild bird store in Sedona was a Celebration of All Things Raven, and raven lovers in the area came to meet Shade.  There were about 150 Shade fans in attendance, and Shade didn’t disappoint them. She was oh-so-raven! Emily Cory, owner and friend, spent a couple of hours answering questions about Shade and ravens in general. The crowd was entranced as Shade pulled a hair tie from Emily’s hair, and later tried to steal her pen, leaned over to coo and kiss with Emily, and ate a few grapes from a fan. It was a long afternoon for a very well-behaved raven, and we loved it. What a wonderful opportunity to interact with a wild bird.  Thanks Emily and Shade!IMG_0955IMG_0958

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