New Book Release – The Un-Common Raven

Common Raven Book Earns Accolades

The annual awards for Southwest Books of the Year for 2013 have been announced and my book was a “Panelist Pick” in the children’s titles. Pretty exciting stuff! Here’s what the judge said: Un-Common Raven, The: One Smart Bird By Diane Phelps Budden, Loren Haury. Red Rock Mountain Press LLC. 32 pp. $11.95.A well researched […]

An Amazing Bird


Ravens are not Picky Eaters–they even love Cheetos!

Ravens and their Crow cousins eat enthusiastically from all food groups. Since these brainy birds are omnivores, eating both animal and plant life, they are satisfied with standard bird fare like bird eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits, and (yuck) “road kill.” But over the co-evolution of both ravens and humans, ravens also have learned to feast […]

The Science of Birds


Raven Researchers Bernd Heinrich and John Marzluff

Perhaps the two most well respected raven researchers are Bernd Heinrich and John Marzluff. Heinrich is a biologist and professor at the University of Vermont,and has been studying ravens since the  1980s in the woods of Maine. He has documented his findings in two well known titles, Ravens in the Snow and Mind of the […]